HeliControl is a small nifty USB gadget, which can be used to steer miniature helicopters and quadcopters.
helicontrol is being developed at the Joint Robotics Lab (JRL) at Goethe-University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany http://www.jrl.cs.uni-frankfurt.de

Jens-Michael Siegl

Joachim Bremer

Matthias Heinz

Holger Friedrich <holger.friedrich@vsi.cs.uni-frankfurt.de> (project maintainer)


HeliControl uses infrared diodes to steer the following devices:


HeliControl consists of three independent parts:

This page describes libhelicontrol API, see README and INSTALL for more information about building and installing the software.


You need to build your own helicontrol USB device? You are looking for the most recent release of this software?

See download section at http://www.jrl.cs.uni-frankfurt.de/wiki/HeliControl


Codes is highly portable, i.e. tested under the following platforms:

An important point is to use system independent types (provided by types.h).

Bug Reports

To report Bugs:

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