VRL - Virtual Robotics Lab

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We prouldy present you the virtual extension of the Joint Robotcs Lab (JRL) with friendly support of the SeLF eLearning initiative. Now we can offer you exciting electronic and robotic experiments !

The project „Virtual Robotics Lab“ offers the possibility to anyone interested, to flash microcontrollers online and to program humanoid robots in a simulator. Videostreams provide direct visual feedback and every experiment comes packed with supportive material in different formats (pod- and videocasts, tutorials, chats, datasheets and links).

The project aims at lowering the entrance barrier to these very exciting areas of computer science, which are coined by high time- and cost-expenses. In a common study it is not easy to get practical experience, and it is very hard to find entry points without guidance, so we'd like to create best conditions to ensure a fast and guided entrance to the matter.

In the context of the already existent Joint Robotics Lab we offer anyone interested the possibility to deepen their knowledge in own projects. The JRL has all needed tools and instruments to design and build own circuits. Furthermore you can participate in our RoboCup Team, The Bembelbots or try out your own ideas with the robots. There is always a competent contact if questions arise or support is needed.