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Bembelbots @ Innovative 2009 Darmstadt – Review

05 Oct

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Nao in action
Good news everyone! Bembelbots attended “Innovative 2009”.
Here are some impressions…

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Bembelbots @ Innovative 2009 Darmstadt

29 Sep

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Good news everyone! Our robocup-team ( Bembelbots ) was invited to join the Innovative2009 exhibition in Darmstadt, where several universitys, research-institutes and companies show their know-how, concepts and inventions. We will attend this fair at Stand 9 together with the Unibator project and demonstrate our soccer robots with their new autonomous framework. Watch our robots […]

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03 Sep

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Heute, am 03.09.2009 findet unser Coding-Day statt. Dieses Event, das von 10:00 – 24:00 geplant ist, soll dazu dienen, unserem Robocup-Team und allen Interessierten eine Einführung in unser Robocup-Framework zu geben. Wir werden zunächst einige Vorträge geben und anschliessend zusammen programmieren. Für Essen und Trinken ist gesorgt, die Folien der Vorträge wird es später auch […]

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Robocup-AG @ Night of Science – Review

30 Jun

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On June 19th 2009, the Night of Science of the Goethe University Frankfurt took place for the 4th time at campus Riedberg where the computer science was part of the outline program for the first time and therewith the team of the Joint Robotics Lab. Despite the slightly isolated location, numerous visitors found their way, […]

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RoboCup AG @ Night of Science

03 Jun

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The RoboCup AG will attend the Night of Science at campus Riedberg. See [[robocup/videos/|our humanoid soccer robots]] in a special robot show, learn about the RoboCup contest, and talk to the RoboCup AG team members! You will find us on Friday, June 19 from 16:30pm to midnight at the foyer of the geoscience building.

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JRL website relaunch!

02 Jun

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The JRL web page has been ported from Mediawiki to WordPress.

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Teaching @ JRL

31 May

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JRL aims at teaching students on complex autonomous systems. See the Teaching page for form information on our lab courses.

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