AlienAir Protocol

Unlike the PicooZ and other Silverlit products, the Flying Saucer uses an analog protocol. Since there is neither a channel identifier nor a checksum, you cannot operate more than one Flying Saucer in the same room. When the Saucer receives a signal, it starts calibrating its gyros. If the signals are longer than approx. 60ms apart from each other, the Saucer won’t accept any signal (the original remote has a gap of approx. 13ms between signals, so up to 25% packet loss are acceptable). The remote control sends 5 pulses for each frame, each pulse toggles the infrared LEDs with 39kHz for approx. 0.24ms. Control factors are determined by the pause between 2 pulses, the following control factors are available (in this order):

Control factor min neutral max
roll 0.7ms (left) 1.2ms 1.7ms (right)
pitch 0.7ms (forward) 1.2ms 1.7ms (backwards)
throttle 0.7ms (full) 1.7ms 1.7ms (stop)
yaw 0.7ms (left) 1.2ms 1.7ms (right)

Flying Saucer frame (idle)