current open topics for researchprojects / bachelor- and masterthesis

The JRL has various fields of interest and therefor also a broad band of possible topics. This list will only be suggestions to give you a idea whats possible.

Please note that work group supporting the JRL don’t have expertises in every possible field that might could solve a given task. So it could be possible to contact other professorships if they will oversee your thesis in the JRL.

  • RoboCup/Bembelbots related Topics:
    • Opponent detection
    • Fully dynamic Kick
    • Pathplannig
    • Position estimation via audio signals
    • Motion planning via inverse kinematics
    • Robot-Debugtool for mobile devices (Android or Crossplattform
  • 3D object reconstruction vie video analysis (Microsoft Kinect) and generating description for a 3D printer
  • tracking and control a flying helicopter
  • automated fly control of a AR-Drone via a remote computer

No topic of your interest? You have a own great idea of a topic? Then meet with us and we will discuss the possibilities.