dynApi – Robotis Dynamixel C++ API


This package provides access to Robotis Dynamixel servos and sensors. These devices are on a bus which is connected to the host PC via a robot controller (interface).

Interfaces currently supported:

  • Robotis CM-5 (serial port)
  • [planned: USB2Dynamixel]

Devices currently supported:

  • AX-12 Servo
  • AX-S1 Sensor Module


dynApi relies on several backends, i.e. provides serveral ways to communicate with a connected interface. Backends available may depend on the platform you are using.

dynApi currently has been tested on:

  • Linux 2.6, gcc 4.2
  • MacOS X (not yet!)
  • Windows XP, Visual Studio v8 .NET 2003 (backend not working yet!)
  • Windows Vista, Visual Studio v9 .NET 2008 (backend not working yet!)

The following table shows the platforms and backends currently supported by dynApi:

  • Robotis CM-5 controller (serial connection 57600): Linux2.6 and MacOSX
  • Robotis USB2Dynamixel libusb support: not yet